The vision of Onder Librum transcends the written word. It encompasses all the senses and every medium of transmission… including the podosphere. Combining content with convenience, podcasting allows broadcasters to deliver audio content to thousands of listeners worldwide, direct to their computer, cell phone, or tablet.

In the coming months, Onder Librum will launch four new podcasts, each one uniquely embodying some facet of the project’s vision…


Described as “The CNN for Onder Librum… only geekier”, ONDER Radio (launching in March 2016) is a free public podcast feed that will keep fans up to date on all the various projects and initiatives of the Onder Librum project. We’re just starting out but – as more story settings launch – things are going to get pretty busy around here. In addition to hearing about new releases, special projects, public calls for submission and more, ONDER Radio will also feature interviews with Onder Librum creatives, insights into the various story  settings, and special offers available only to podcast listeners.



Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Ed Greenwood for 20 minutes. Each episode of The Archmage Speaks (launching in April 2016) is exactly that, the chance to listen in as Ed chats about his life in the publishing and gaming business, his triumphs and failures, and the discoveries he made along the way. It’s an intimate and personal exploration of Mr. Greenwood’s pursuits as a storyteller, a gamer, and a human being. The conversational terrain will vast and listeners will have the chance to submit questions and topics for Mr. Greenwood to speak on.



Listening to a story is different from reading one. It’s an immediate and personal collaboration between the story and mind/heart of the listener. ONDER Tales (launching in May) will provide listeners with that experience, offering narrated stories from across the spectrum of our active story settings. Initially, the feed will be comprised of  tales from the Hellmaw story world, a world of daemons living among us. In August, stories from the epic fantasy setting of Pony Island Adventures (it’s a code name… the real name will be released in July) will be added to the feed. ONDER Tales will be a cross-section of genres, styles, and story types drawn from the wide tapestry of the Onder Librum story worlds.



Here at Onder Librum, we’re all about creative collaboration. And nothing embodies the dynamic or inspiring process of collaboration than a good brainstorm. Each episode of Forging Worlds (launching in June) will feature a writer from our Sessorium of Creatives who will present a raw undeveloped story idea. They’ll be joined by Lore Guardians and other members of the creative community (sometimes even Mr. Greenwood himself) who will workshop the story, examining its strengths and weaknesses, exploring possibilities, and working to transform the raw idea into a kickass story.

Podcast Delivery

ONDER Radio is a free public feed and will be released twice a month and be available in a variety of feeds and formats (iTunes, RSS, Stitcher Radio, etc.).

The other podcasts will be released in both a public and private feed. The public stream will release episodes once a month, while the private feed – available to members and subscribers – will release twice a month.

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