Onder Librum is proud to announce the release of the latest dark delight in the canon of the Hellmaw story setting… “Eye of Glass” by Marie Bilodeau.

EyeOfGlass_product_3d_transFollowing a slight misfire with a prank (on a cop, involving herself as the dead body), Jaeda finds herself confined to a small room, with only a TV as company. Relaxing will help her regenerate her mostly missing body, but that’s entirely too boring for her liking.

Besides, she has better things to do with her time, like becoming a model.

But when her guardian and keeper vanishes, Jaeda has to move quickly to avoid capture and save herself, her guardian, and her new human pets. Regenerating will simply have to wait.

“I’ve never had so much fun writing a character before,” says Bilodeau. “Jaeda is insane and funny, and made me laugh. A lot. I had no clue that writing about daemons could be such a giggle-inducing event. Very therapeutic, really.”

And how did our fearless leader, the Archmage Ed Greenwood enjoy the book? “EYE OF GLASS isn’t just a rip-roaring gritty urban action tale with a fascinating unfolding mystery…it’s a fun, often hilarious visit with a group of characters you’ll come to love and want to hang out with.

“If this was a TV drama, it would be a glued-to-screens hit. Jaeda can’t remember who she is or what her daemonic powers are, and seems to have lost her body, being mainly spine from the head down; but that makes her skinny enough to have a great chance at being a model! Wheee! If only so many shadowy mysterious sorts didn’t seem to want her dead…”

“Eye of Glass” is available at all the usual outlets as well as right here in the Onder Emporium! Did you know all ebook purchases through the Onder Emporium include .epub, .mobi, and .pdf versions? Of course you did… what were we thinking? 😉


marie-bilodeau01Marie Bilodeau is an award-winning science-fiction, fantasy and horror writer. She has been nominated four times for Canada’s most prestigious science-fiction literary award, the Aurora Award, for both her novels and her short stories, and she won the bronze science-fiction medal in the Foreword Book Awards.

Marie is also a performing storyteller. She’s told stories across Canada to a wide variety of audiences in theatre houses, tea shops, schools, bars and under disco balls.

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