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In this episode of ONDER Radio:


  • The release of “Incubus Tweets” by J. Robert King, book six in the Hellmaw story setting
  • Announcing the audio drama adaptation of “Your World is Doomed
  • Hey! We have a new website!
  • ONDER Magazine launches April 13

Story Setting: Hellmaw

This episode, we speak with Ed Greenwood himself, creator of the Hellmaw story setting. Mr. Greenwood shares his inspiration and vision for the setting, and offers up a glimpse of things to come in future novels.

Creatives: J. Robert King

We sit down with J. Robert King, author of the sixth Hellmaw novel, “Incubus Tweets” to explore the story and the unique narrative framework he utilized to tell it. Rob shares his insights into writing contemporary epistolary fiction and describes the transmedia experiment he initiated with the novel’s protagonist, Frank Demonkowski.

Audience Participation

Question du Episode: “How do I submit my stories and ideas to Onder Librum?”

Contest: What do we call ourselves?

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Public Calls for Submission

Nothing this week… but stay tuned. There will be opportunities opening up in the coming weeks and months!

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8 Responses

  1. Brandon Turner

    I just listened to Episode 001 of Onder Librum Radio. Thrilled about Hellmaw. I give this podcast 2 Thumbs Up!!!

    – Brandon Turner

    • Onder Librum

      Thanks, Brandon! Glad you enjoyed it (we had a blast making it, lemme tell ya).

      Hellmaw is a truly fascinating setting fraught with intriguing stories… it’s amazing to watch how different authors apply their unique perspectives and craft to exploring it. One of the (many) cool aspects of a shared-world framework.

  2. grimmhelm

    An excellent first episode! the audio quality is great, the voices are clear and the content is amazing! A real treat to listen too -I will be looking forward to many more episodes of ONDER Radio.
    As an on and off podcaster myself II know how much effort goes into editing to get all that stuff right!

    I’m really looking forward to the future episodes and to hear from the creatives working on the projects in Onder Librum.

    • Onder Librum

      You’re most kind, Grimmhelm… thank you! To be honest, it’s as much a delight for US to get to know these incredible creators as it is to share their stories with you.

      There are SO MANY amazing artists in this group and it’s hard (with everyone being so busy) to actually sit down and chat with them. So… win-win all around 😉

      • grimmhelm

        I’m glad to hear your all hard at work and that your enjoying the podcasting!
        Though you may wish to let people know where they can find the host too, Took me a while to find on twitter ^^;

  3. th3j4ckl3

    Still cant seem to order a copy of the first mag. Validated address, click continue and page just sits there.

  4. valerie.erzahlerin

    My belated suggestion is “The Muses” – all storytellers write, create, draw, and conjure for the audience which has in turn inspired and stimulated the creators into producing more. We, the community which enjoys these creative endeavors and asks for more, are fulfilling the mythological role well enough that I believe we can live up to the name.


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