On May 31, the next chilling Hellmaw story – a novella titled “Throckmorton’s Trick” by Ed Greenwood – is released into the world… but why wait? Amazing Stories Magazine is offering the first three chapters absolutely free! In fact, ALL the Hellmaw novels can be previewed there…

Cover Reveal


Once again, Eric Belisle sets the mood with exquisite cover art. There’s a complete gallery of all of Belisle’s covers over at Amazing Stories as well!

We first met the title character in Mr. Greenwood’s premier novel in the Hellmaw series “Your World is Doomed”.  And now the insidious daemon in feline form is nurturing more mayhem in the world…

Throckmorton is more than a smart-mouthed cat.

He’s an Araurran—a daemon—trapped in the body of a domestic cat who happened to be his last meal. Throckmorton’s been on Earth a long time, perfectly happy to dwell among humans without causing much of a stir.

But the recent war on Araunt changed everything. Sarlock, the Tyrant of Araunt, has declared Throckmorton a traitor, and the Tyrant’s daemon assassins are busily hunting down and slaughtering noble Araurrans on Earth. Throckmorton is very much on their lists.

Time for this talking cat to call the cops for help.

Because that’ll turn out so well . . .

More Free Excerpts

Amazing Stories Magazine – the premiere source for all things speculative – provides excerpts for ALL the Hellmaw novels. You can find them here:

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