Hi, I’m Ed Greenwood, and I create things.

For fifty years now, I’ve been creating things.

Mainly writing prose fiction, but creating in lots of other ways, too. Since long before the Internet, long before blogs (when I was a kid, and the world was black and white or sepia if you could afford it, a “blog” was sawmill operator slang for a B-grade log…also known as a Canadian log, because Canadians are all “extremely knotty”… as you can tell, colloquial humour was something that shone rather brightly back then).

But somehow, despite growing up in the 1960s, I have survived. At least until now. So welcome to my blog.

My first blog ever.

Tah-dah! (Yawn. I know. Another blog. Can’t wait to read Ed telling me about doing his laundry, walking the cat, and finding great deals in the produce aisle; this morning, for example, fifty-cent pillowcases at Giant {ahem}…).

No! A thousand times no! This blog shall be different! Interesting, even! This shall be where I—

But I get ahead of myself. (As I have a habit of doing. You’ll see.)

However, this is not my first foray onto the Internet, and for that, I have some very good friends I should thank.

You see, for most of the time that the Internet has existed, it has been something I used at work. To replace teleprinters—anyone remember them? And keyjamming “wars” as more than one terminal operator tried to send a message at once? It has also been something my rural home could only connect to via dial-up, over ancient not-good-to-begin-with home telephone lines.

Two strikes…

Besides, I was busy. When not at work at a public library for your cultural enrichment, I was at home penning novels, short stories, and RPG adventures, and designing games; I was too busy having a life to type stuff off into the Void about my life.

Why go verbose about washing the cat on a bulletin board or Usenet when I can spend the same time writing a stirring scene wherein dragons swoop down on a crumbling castle defended by a dying wizard? Or the Tentacled Detective gets one harrowing step closer to solving the mystery of where the body went, that should be attached to the disembodied stranger’s head that appeared overnight on the polished hardwood floor of the Upstairs Library in the North Wing?

Certain of my friends thought otherwise.

And upon reflection, I see they were right.

First came a beautiful lady the wider world knows only as The Hooded One. (Why? She toils in a security-related job and needs her bosses’ permission for all public postings as herself, which sometimes comes as quickly as six months after she requests it.)

When Elaine Cunningham—another good friend!—suggested authors should have Questions threads to answer fan queries about the Forgotten Realms (a fantasy setting I created that we were both telling stories in, along with many other talented folks; most of whom have also become friends over the years) in the forums at the Realms fansite Candlekeep.com, The Hooded One stepped forward to act as my proxy, and established a thread for me that has run for well over a decade now.

THO dragoonXXXX er, cozened me into sharing Realmslore and dispelling confusion about the Realms for fans, and still does.

Then along came something called Facebook, and a good friend I met through the Realms called Jeff Thetford set up a page for me there, along with a longtime Realms colleague, sometime Realms traffic cop, and close friend Steven Schend; another friend I met through the Realms who has become our reigning Cormyr expert, Brian Cortijo; and one of Jeff’s friends and writing colleagues who has since become a friend (see the theme here? Life is all about making friends and doing fun stuff with them!) of mine, Barbara Letson. Through their hard work and attentive vigilance, they built a bridge to connect me with fans and friends all over the world.

And there have been others, many others, who for conventions or their own sites or places on the Internet where gamers or writers gather, have interviewed me or had me run games so people I may never physically meet get to connect with me and what I do.

Thank you! Thank you all!

I have learned to Tweet, though I’m too verbose to say much of consequence in a 140-character limit. I have learned to occasionally remember to check Facebook. As in twice a week, not every ten minutes!

But now, I’m pleased to say I finally have a place where I don’t have to worry about tech constraints, or navigating a minefield of Luddite-testing steps just to post. I might sarcastically remind the admins and programmers in my life that the Internet, or Web as it was called back then, was supposed to be as easy to use as a typewriter. But I won’t, because to many of them, a “typewriter” is something they see in a museum, not something they used everyday.

Ah, but I’m older than dirt. I remember when certain places in the province I live in—for my American friends, that’s a Canadian “state”—didn’t yet have “the electric light.” But I digress. Another sign of old age, or would be if I hadn’t been doing it since I was about four.

So I finally have my place, see? A place where I can connect with all of you more directly. Here. (Like the chairs? The fireplace? So do I!)

So, this is my blog. Mine own fingers typed what you’re now reading. Yep, it’s me.

And if you’ve reached this page, you’ve found already Onder Librum, the home for all the new writing projects I want to pursue and share with friends I’ve made, and friends I hope to make (friends again! yes!) in what, however immodestly, has been dubbed The Ed Greenwood Group. A new way of storytelling, in many shared settings, that I hope we can all enjoy.

This page is my friendly cozy fireside. It’s where I’ll sit down and tell you about those settings. I’ll tease about what’s coming up, explain stuff, and introduce TEGG Sessorium colleagues at work in the settings, and what they’re working on, as well as what I’m working on (both inside TEGG and outside TEGG—and yes, that includes the Realms, which I still work on, every single day of my life).

Oh, and being as this is a blog, random personal stuff, like my latest cat-washing adventure: fierce whitewater action! There was blood!

And I suspect much of my typing will be the most important part of a blog like this: interacting with you, my fans. Answering your questions, fielding your opinions, and being there when you need to vent.

So welcome to my fireside. Awesome friends keep this website running and the various shared settings running, but what you read here will be me. The straight goods—as in, straight from me to you and vice versa. Here, you’ll be one-on-one with The Archmage himself.

(Run! Run! Save yourselves while you still can!)

Or, you know, pull up a chair and let’s chat. Plenty of drinkables yonder, close at hand, and here, I have all the time in the world…

Big hugs!

About The Author

Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood is an award-winning Canadian writer and game designer. Although most Canadians don’t know his name, he has been in the top ten (usually top five) writers of bestselling Canadian fiction writers almost every year of the last two decades.

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23 Responses

  1. Marijan

    A good day to you, El…errr, Mr Greenwood.
    I’ve been following your writing, since early 90’s and my RP beginnings. Some of those Draon magazine articles are perennial fun to read. My only regret is I was unable to meet you in person.,
    But who konows, maybe some day one of croatian cons will appear on your schedule. Lois Bujold did it, G.G.Kay did it, why not you?
    anyway, keep it up, I just weanted you to konw that your fan base really is world-wide.
    greetings from Slavonia

  2. The Archmage

    Hi, Marijan!
    I managed to attend a lot of conventions in Europe years ago, but right now, I am my wife’s nurse and so must stay close to home. I certainly plan to hit the road again when I can, but it may not be for a while. Watch here at Onder Librum, because I WILL let everyone know when I’m on the road again!

  3. Shannon

    Gift of the Archmage

    Once there was a man named Ed
    His surname, Greenwood, bloomed
    Writing many books I’ve read:
    Like Realms;Your World is Doomed

    Crafting home for those of us,
    This Onder Librum clincher
    FormingTEGG, a groovy bus
    For all to thus adventure

    Coursing through imagination
    Covering the span
    Onder is the destination
    Journey is the plan

    Here the Archmage welcomes all
    Gathering in awe
    Soon to be Stormtalons’ call
    Now we’ll traipse Hellmaw

    • Shannon

      I haven’t had this much fun since I was 15 and discovered Forgotten Realms and Dragonlance. The old TSR days are gone, but what’s in store fills me with excitement and enthusiasm. When I was 17, I wanted to write and draw for Dungeons & Dragons. Now, as an almost 42 year old adult, I’d have t say being a part of TEGG would be my new dream. Old dogs can learn new tricks, and I have you to thank for that. This project has brought me back to life. I found out 2 years ago I was bipolar. I quit writing and drawing and became very depressed. I’m mostly manic, but it took the words and art right out of me to be diagnosed. Now, I feel there’s light over all the gloomy darkness. Onder Librum is a huge part of that new, illuminating glow. The authors are fantastic and friendly. I love following them(and you) on Twitter. I’ve taught middle school reading for ten years, and when I go back in the fall pending a new job, I’ll bring the noise and rep this company with passion. Kids know quality, and they’ll eat this up. I’ll share the good news with any and everyone I can. Stormtalons will release right after the school year starts. I’ll be ready. I’m just so thankful for what you’ve put together. Your tweets and comments mean more than you know. Oh, my two books thank you, too. Beowulf is edited and getting out there, and Anvil’s Children is being polished while I alternate finding creative ways to promote the heck out of Onder Librum. I share the same birthday with the late Keith Parkinson. I take that as an omen; a sign. If you need anything in this venture, I’ll gladly be your foot soldier. (Sessorium would be a dream come true) Hope things are going well with your wife. See? I read and loved your blog. Ed Verse is like Field of Dreams- build it and they will come. (Even if I have to round them up one by one with my poetry powers) Thanks again so much! Peace in the realms!

      • The Archmage

        Welcome! (And thanks for the verses!) It’s my hope that our settings will provide enough variety that everyone will find a “home” among them they can settle down in, fall in love with, and enjoy the unfolding stories, for the rest of their lives.
        Hellmaw launched first, Stormtalons is next up, and they will keep coming, running side by side. I’d love it if you, and everyone who feels creative, found a way that pleases you and fits in with the lore to contribute to every setting that interests you. (Doing so always boils down to: make a pitch, please the Lord Guardian for that setting by coming up with something that fits with the lore and isn’t too close to something else someone else is already crafting, and get going on the creating.)
        And you’ve got it: this should be FUN. And stay fun. As we all tell tales together.

  4. Shimmer Brightstar

    Hey thanks Ed!!! I look forward to reading all your ideas, novels and your vast knowledge of the Realms. I have to say I’m old school still back in 2.5 so PLEASE don’t forget us old guys lol.. Take care and can’t wait to hear more !!!!

    • The Archmage

      Forget old guys? NEVAHHH! ( I AM an old guy. ;} ) But all are welcome, here in the cozy corner with the comfy old furniture, by the fireside…

  5. midian.niles

    Hello Mr Greenwood. We had spoken a few months ago about a project I was hoping to develop with your blessing and guidance. With your go ahead I put together a 4 page write up, but have yet to get said write-up into your overly capable hands; I was hoping to get your thumbs-up & critiques. I hope that you and your wife are doing well and I’m so very happy to see that you’re still producing material. It’s been a life-long dream to meet you in person and even more so to have you give a seal of approval on my corner of the Realms. Could you please let me know how I can get the write-up to you so you can have a read? It would really mean a lot. And thanks again for your time and attention. Lastly, please accept my most sincere apology if this is not the correct forum for me to be presenting such material with you.

  6. Eric

    Hi Ed!

    Found your blog after getting lost in the Internet forest (serves me right for eating all the cookies and not leaving a trail).

    Hope you are having a great day and wishing the fire in the hearth burns brightly.

    Bless and Keep,

  7. Valerie Erzählerin

    A wizard, a witch, and a sorcerer walk into a bar and order drinks. After a few, the wizard turns to the witch….only to find she’s not there! A puddle in the chair. He immediately shared a concerned look with the sorcerer. “Barkeep!” They declare in concern. “Are you trying to cheat us?!” The poor tender of drinks shook his head nein and replied “She ordered an American Beer!”

  8. Darren Dare

    Hi Ed…..welcome to the world of (B-Grade Logs)…lol
    As a fellow Canadian I applaud you for all the work you have done for the fantasy world and that rare beast known as role-players.

    • The Archmage

      Thank you! And I hope you’ll be a part of this new venture…that will almost certainly consume the rest of my life. I’m in the middle of writing my third Hellmaw novel right now…
      Have a look at all of our settings, and if you like any of them, jot down some story ideas, wait for our next open call, and fill in pitch forms! We want your stories!

    • The Archmage

      Heh, heh, be careful what you ask for! Leandro, folks, is TEGG-Brazil, which means among other things that every TEGG novel gets retold in Brazilian Portuguese under his watchful eye and pen. TEGG is intended to be worldwide; we want Creative voices from everywhere on the planet, and we want to reach fans everywhere on the planet! And for that, we need stalwarts like Leandro (and the local artists and writers and musicians and artisans he can connect to us, so they can join in the TEGG fun!).
      Looking forward to more great times, sir!

  9. Stephen Helleiner

    A blog? The multiverse shakes as the Mage of Shadowdale begins his descent into fiendish technology. What’s next? A cellphone? Nice to see you on here and we’ll chat soon.

  10. Donnie Barton

    Good evening, morrow and all times in between. A few seasons ago we met in the kingdom of Indianapolis during the festival of Gencon. I asked if you would please take a peak at my story. The Imp and the Darkserpent. I was just wondering if you had ever had the chance to peruse it pages. Although it could never be published I would like some pointers on becoming a better storyteller. Blessing upon you and your lady.

  11. Jeff Thetford

    Ed, you are too kind.
    You have given me years of adventure, camaraderie that I could only imagine possible, and tales untold that are just showing themselves in my life.
    You are truly one of the most remarkable, caring, talented men I have met in my travels around the Sun. I only hope to one day give you the heartfelt “Thank You” that you deserve.

    “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” – Buddha

    • The Archmage

      Oooh, I’m blushing! BLUSHING, sir!
      I was brought up to try to make the planet a better place than I found it. Thus far, that doesn’t seem to be working out too well, but if I can entertain and lift hearts and make friends and make folks happier, even a little bit, that’s something…and a life worth living.
      And the more folks join in the fun, the more fun we’ll all have.
      (Sessorium members: you’ve got to please your Lore Guardians, more than you please me!)

  12. Alex Putnam

    Master Greenwood,
    I’m glad to have recently stumbled on your new cubbyhole on the cat-fueled-electric-mesh (courtesy of a link via your work on the Mages of Mystralia game), but have long read THO’s ferried replies on Candlekeep.

    First, a large thank you is in order. I had long been aware of the existence of tabletop games in my mid-youth, but they hadn’t grabbed me until I found the D&D 3.0 “Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting”, which finally addressed my engineer’s-brain-quandries of “how the rest of the world works and lives”. In that book, Faerûn was a place where people _lived_, a place for stories to go with the numbers and funny dice. Years later, I snuck into Kobold Quarterly and have since dabbled in tabletop game design. I place the initial blame (and praise) on your fantastic storytelling.

    Since donning the white collar, I can now totally empathize with the “play seems too much like work” sentiment, despite being of much newer vintage (mid-80’s): young enough to understand them newfangled gizmos but old enough to know the discordant chimes of a modem and to know that “mobile phones” were originally things for stockbrokers and real estate-men to have as part of their cars. To paraphrase Edison, technology always moves faster than our understanding of how to use it (or what to use it on: here’s looking at you, social media).

    But if you use technology to tell good stories, there will always be a comfortable chair and a mug of tea waiting. Folk may survive on food and drink, but we _live_ on stories.

    Thanks so much.
    Alex Putnam
    (elsewhere known as Daviot)

    • The Archmage

      Indeed, Alex (Daviot)! We live and die, and steer our lives, by stories…and that’s what I’m here for! ;} I don’t intend to abandon Candlekeep, or the Realms (I’ve worked on 3 Realms projects recently that haven’t appeared yet), and I fully intend that our TEGG settings will not only be cradles for collaborative storytelling (so if you’ve ever wanted to get to work on something “official” in the Realms but you deep-down know that’s never going to happen, this is your chance to become an equal on a team telling tales or writing games and gamelore in another setting you can get in on the ground floor of), but that they will end up having the depth and detail, the “feel real” quality, if you will, of the Realms. Great to hear from you, and I hope you like most of what you see here from TEGG, as the years pass and settings roll out and you get to see the work of veterans and novices alike…it’s all about stories, and sharing them!


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