Well met, and welcome back!

I’m still Ed Greenwood, and this is still my personal blog. ;}

As you can probably tell by the mountains of books, dragon sculptures and fantasy minis all over the place. Not to mention all the caricatures and con photos of me pretending to be a certain wizard (yes, the beard is real, thanks very much).

So if you’ve reached this page, you’ve already found Onder Librum, and can’t help but have noticed—even just in passing, for a blurred moment or two—all of these TEGG settings we’re trumpeting.

The first one to launch, Hellmaw, is modern, mainly-dark, mainly-urban fantasy: daemons lurking among us in our real modern world, mainly treating us like food. Gory, nasty fun. Not family-friendly, and so on.

The second one, coming up soon now, is Stormtalons, and it’s our big-tapestry fantasy setting, a sprawling world with plenty of room for lots of swords & sorcery heroic fantasy adventures.

It’s the TEGG setting closest in feel and content to the most famous of the fantasy worlds I’ve created, the Forgotten Realms, but it’s not the Realms. (Nor is it Oerth, or Krynn, or Athas, or Ravenloft, or Mystara, while we’re at it.)

It launches with a novel of mine entitled Words Of Unbinding, that will be followed by novels by many, many talented folks (including some familiar veterans and some brand-new taletellers), and like all TEGG settings, it will stay in print and continue with new releases “forever.” There will eventually be original audio dramas (as well as recorded “talking book” versions of the novels), there will be short stories in Onder Magazine, and there will be music and game adventures and artifacts and lots more.

You can find out more about Stormtalons here…

(Don’t worry, I may blather about Stormtalons and everything else on this page, from time to time, but if we give each setting its own blog, those of you interested in finding out about just that setting, or checking what’s new about it, can go straight there—because once we get even half of our settings up and running, with so many busy Creatives at work and the announcements and lore questions and all coming thick and fast, it will be happy creative chaos at Onder, and having one place to zero in on will be friendly and helpful. And we’re all about being friendly and helpful!)

Drop by that page right now, and check out the chat on the blog this coming Sunday, and there’ll be more. As in, we might well be revealing some things. Drop by often, as the weeks and months pass, and more and more of the Stormtalons setting will be there for you to feel at home in, and fall in love with. A whole bunch of us will be building it, together, and I hope you’ll drop by and watch!

See you there!

Big hugs,


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Ed Greenwood

Ed Greenwood is an award-winning Canadian writer and game designer. Although most Canadians don’t know his name, he has been in the top ten (usually top five) writers of bestselling Canadian fiction writers almost every year of the last two decades.

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12 Responses

  1. Valerie Erzählerin

    So many delicious settings…its getting difficult to move around here without tripping over one in delight!

    Do you have a time table already set out for these additional mediums of audio dramas, graphic novels, and games or are these forays still being conjured up? The question goes for any setting, from Hellmaw to Stormtalon and beyond.

    • The Archmage

      The short answer is yes, we do have a timetable. And as with so many timetables, it is everchanging; theys are and will always be “still being conjured up.” TEGG is a Sessorium of Creatives (writers’ collective, if you prefer, but substitute artists’ and game designers’ and musicians’ and artisans’ etc. for “writers'”) rather than a traditional publisher. Think of it as a good party where people laugh and talk, discussing things, and ideas come up…those ideas will inevitably change as they get discussed. That’s TEGG; things will change. But the result will be a steady stream of content in our various settings, so if you become a fan of a setting, TEGG will be your window for seeing that setting unfold…in all sorts of formats and ways.

  2. @Mattbyers40

    Can’t wait until Stormtalons drops! I’m already studying up on every bit of lore that I can sink my teeth into. (thanks, C.A. Jarrett- your work is beyond fabulous and immersive) The whole project, from Hellmaw forward, is super fantastical and incredible. You, oh gifted Archmage, have outdone yourself, as has any and everyone involved in TEGG’s growth, development, and output. Onder Librum is where I plan to thrive and prosper creatively and imaginatively. #Hellmaw and #Stormtalons forever! (and everything yet to come)

    • @Mattbyers40

      Because who wouldn’t want to stay and play here forever? I know I’m a fan for life! 📚🐉☠👺 What will the mists make me? Hmmmmmm…

      • The Archmage

        My most famous creation, The Forgotten Realms, is still going strong after fifty years. (And I still work on it, every day.) I hope that with the greater diversity of settings we’re publishing here, at TEGG, every fan/reader/patron/YOU will find something you can fall in love with, an imaginary world you can follow adventures in (novels, short stories, boardgames, roleplaying games, collectibles, audio dramas, apps; the works!) as the years pass.
        There already are TEGG settings for gritty urban fantasy (Hellmaw) and broad-tapestry heroic fantasy swords & sorcery (Stormtalons); there will soon be TEGG settings for sf, space opera, steampunk, Cthulhu-like horror, spooky Gothic romance, alternate Colonial-era derring-do, James Bond-like modern “sexy spy” hijinx, costumed superheroes with a twist, and more, a lot more…
        So come along for the ride!

  3. Shan Winslow

    Question…Are these only going to be available as E-books? I’ve looked for some of the Hellmaw novels, but I’ve only been able to find them in E-book format.

    • Valerie Erzählerin

      Can confirm there are Hardcover formats available. Marie held up her copy, with Eric’s beautiful cover art, a few times for the writing workshop to see last Monday. It was awesome to see. So I’ve seen their existence by way of webcam. I also recall someone posting a photo on Eric’s (Scott de Bie) facebook wall with his Hellmaw book (also Hardcover) on bookshelves some time ago….?

      Onder is still a new publishing company. Still figuring out what’s required for x, y, and z. I’m sure that there’s a burden of making new deals with distributors for the truck and shelfspace to get the books to the bookstores too (Neither of those things are unlimited, and it’s usually contracts with the publisher that put them infront of the audience instead of at a warehouse for online orders). Business logistics can be a real pain to work through. It won’t happen over night but you’ll see a gradual increase of more and more on the shelf as time goes on.

    • Valerie Erzählerin

      We need an edit button….
      I may have spoken too soon. Those might be special instances now that I’m looking further into it, and thus, not available to the general public or any kind of mass audience.

      • The Archmage

        TEGG full-length works will be available in print formats. The first seven Hellmaw novels are available in hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and POD trade paperbacks right now, as well as MP3 and “traditional CD” audiobooks from Recorded Books (Tantor).

        On August 15th, here at this site, we’ll be revealing how to order the first Stormtalons novel, WORDS OF UNBINDING, in various formats, and as things unfold, you’ll be able to get all of our offerings by ordering from this site (and other places, like Amazon, too).

        The format we’re most excited about is “collector’s edition” hardcovers you can cherish for years. More about them later!

  4. Steve

    Hello Ed! I’ve read a bit about the Demons (aka Daemons) of Hellmaw. Will they have their own magical client species, the same way humans have dogs and cats?

    • The Archmage

      Heh. “Daemons” are NOT the “demons” of Christian writings, as you’ll see. They have slaves, and they have pet slaves, so some Araurrans (daemons) have human pets. As for magic…that varies from individual daemon to individual daemon.

  5. Ed Greenwood

    And as Hellmaw unfolds, we’ll learn more, much more, about the daemons (Araurrans)…and about we humans, as we struggle to interact with them.
    Those of us who survive such interactions, of course.


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