Issue 2 of Onder Magazine explores PORTALS

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In this issue…

Onder Librum News

EDitorial — Views from The Archmage

Featured Article — The Stormtalons: Much More Than A Name by CA Jarrett

The Races Of Stormtalons I: Elves And Dwarves by CA Jarrett


Writers’ Workshop

Making Characters Come Alive by Arlene F. Marks

A Portal By Any Other Name… by Geoff Gander


Artists’ Studio

Creator Profile: Eric Belisle


Gamers’ Table

The Gate Of Five by Geoff Gander

Portals: They Can Take Your Setting Anywhere! by CA Jarrett



HoneyBunny by Lyric Goins


Onder Reviews

The Price Of Chaos: Michael Moorcock’s Elric Of Melniboné Saga by Sebastián González

REVIEW: Freenet by Suzanne Church

Step Through, Step Beyond: The Structure Of Order And Chaos In Portal by Adam Shaftoe-Durrant




Of Beginnings and Endings, Part II by Dileep S. Rangan

Outcast And Hungry by Justin William Cary


Meta Fiction

Linguistic Evidence of Otherworldly Influence on the Development of Humanity, Part II by David Wendt

Those Who Witness, Part II by Samantha Murphy

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