In Issue 3 of Onder Magazine, we delve into the world of MERCHANTS

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In this issue…

EDitorial — Views from The Archmage

Writers’ Workshop

Mirt The Moneylender and How He Grew: Crafting Colourful Characters By Ed Greenwood

Whither Goest Thou? Or How to Save Your Favorite Characters When the World Goes Bust By Barbara Letson

Creator Profile: Gregory A. Wilson


Artists’ Studio

Getting Started in Chainmail By A. F. Grappin


Gamers’ Table

Gaming DNA: Merchants & Traders By Stephen Best

Universal Economy By Matt Lemke



Writer’s Block by Tom Racine

Marketplace by Ken Wong

Merchants of Venus by Denise Lhamon


Onder Reviews

Game Review: Sheriff of Nottingham By AJ Hare

Selling Dreams: A Review of Terry Pratchett’s ‘Moving Pictures’ By Geoff Gander

Chinatown: The Art of Trading Review by Luc Greenwood




Body Wash By A.F. Grappin

Strawberry’s Scents By AJ Hare

Lark Midnight’s Traveling Market By Kenny Mahan


Meta Fiction

Linguistic Evidence of Otherworldly Influence on the Development of Humanity, Part III by David Wendt

Those Who Witness, Part III by Samantha Murphy

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