Welcome to issue 4 of Onder Magazine! This issue we unfurl the weathered parchment of that most delicious of storytelling temptations… the MAP!

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In this issue…

The EDitorial (Views from the Archmage)

Writers’ Workshop

Counting Words by Gabrielle Harbowy

There And Still Not Back Again by Martin Treanor

Interactive Fiction as a Storytelling Medium by Geoff Gander

Creator Profile: Martin Treanor


Artists’ Studio

Getting Started in Chainmail – partII By A. F. Grappin


Gamers’ Table

Gaming DNA: The Importance of Maps in a Gaming Campaign by Stephen Best

Willfully Wandering Maps of Mad March by Kenny Mahan

Using Mythology in Roleplaying Games by Christian Toft Madsen



…from Valerie Erzählerin, Lyric Goins, and R.J. Keith


Onder Reviews and Analysis

Get on Board Game Review: Ticket To Ride By AJ Hare

Final Fantasy XV: A Game Driven by Character by Nicholas Fife




The Meat Merchant by Chris Marks

The Tower of Egizii by Lesley Donaldson


Meta Fiction

Linguistic Evidence of Otherworldly Influence on the Development of Humanity, Part IV by David Wendt

Nornar Mining: A Stormtalons Company Presents (an excerpt from an Asmerian Atlas)

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