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Here’s the rub.

I’m a fifty-three year old man – soon to be fifty-four (my family would say going on five) – who has an almost obsessive like for all things geeky.

I love ’em.

At present, in my office – apart from books – I have a 1:6th scale Dalek, a 1:8th scale Battlestar Glactica Centurion, a small TIE fighter, an X-wing Starfighter, a Snowspeeder, a small Predator, a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver (that has a blinky light and goes ‘woo’), many skulls, some dragons, two gargoyles, an under construction Colonial Viper, and yet more skulls. I had to put up extra shelves to accommodate them all.

At Christmas, we have Deathstar baubles for the tree.

I also have a rare edition of Dorian Gray, many rare comic books – mostly 2000AD – some other cool/rare stuff hanging on my walls: artwork from Bladerunner, Gothic literature, Judge Dredd, my own and my daughter’s illustrations, and now – of course – the cover of my own Hellmaw novel.

And, my wife, Lynsey, is okay with this.

Mostly because they look cool and she is a mad, insane, loony geek too.

So much so that, one day when passing a comic book store, we saw a life size Predator in the window, complete with full armour, crossbow, detachable headgear, and face tentacles – price tag £2500.

Now, I knew the very thoughts that were going through my head – awe, desire, already throwing out the guest sofa-bed to make way for said Predator in the office. But it was my wife who said the words that made me know marrying her was the best thing ever.

Her words weren’t many, and they weren’t profound either.

Just this:

‘That is a well spent £2500 of anybody’s money.’

I think I might have teared up.

We didn’t buy it. I don’t usually have a spare £2500 hanging around in my pocket for any old life size movie beastie that comes along. But it’s an aspiration. Actually, no – what I really hanker for is a full size Centurion. And I’ve seen one.

It costs $5000.

I think what I am really trying to say is this; don’t be ashamed for what you love to have around you.

In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, the geeky characters were made to feel immature because they like comics and collectibles. It – apparently – wasn’t normal for grown men to collect toys.

But I envision a time SOON when we – the geek – will be the new normal, the cool normal, the interesting normal.


Because we are.


Fear not. Keep collecting.

The geek truly will inherit the Earth – one Elminster figure at a time.


Just as an aside, my publisher hoped I would write something about being kidnapped by a cult, where I stayed for a year and used when writing Dark Creed, and which also developed my terrifying phobia for paperweights (is that a thing?).*

Yup … that, er, happened too … well, maybe … or maybe not.

Then again, cults do make for a terrific book.

*publisher’s note: it’s a thing.



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