The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) continues to introduce new tales of horrific splendor and gallant swagger into the world. This month, readers are treated to not one but two new stories from their story worlds

STORMTALONS: The Queen’s Scourge

The fifth epic tale in the world of Stormtalons!

An artificer and a smuggler team up on a quest to save a dying wizard who tells three very different but equally fantastic versions of his life story. He could be mad, or a liar, or both.

In order to heal him, the companions must travel to a mysterious island where the most dangerous magics are sought and discarded, and the only law is survival

HELLMAW: Honeyboy’s Hunt

Once a top soldier of BlackQueen’s army of hunters, Hon (aka HoneyBoy) hasn’t reported to the Widow Web Forum in weeks. During his last mission he let two friends die, and consolidating loss and victory is proving difficult.

He needs a break, to eat ice cream and remember what it was like to be human. To remember who he’d been before becoming one of BlackQueen’s elite hunters.

But Rollux, the powerful daemon responsible for the death of HoneyBoy’s friends, seems to have gone berserk, drawing dangerous attention to himself and hurting some of HoneyBoy’s fellow forumites. Hon has to get back in the game, guilt and all, or risk losing even more friends.

For the hunters of the Widow Web Forum, there can be no rest.

A Bodyless series Widow Web companion Novella (following Hellmaw: Eye of Glass, by Marie Bilodeau)


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