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In this episode of Onder Radio:


  • Early reviews for Iron Fist say it isn’t good
  • Meanwhile, early reviews of American Gods look great
  • The Nintendo Switch is their best ever selling console
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of War will have dynamically designed armies
  • Patrick Stewart has a new dog, super cute. See here

EDITORIAL: The View from Onder Radio…

Tyler digs deep into Adult Swim’s history of a lack of women in creative positions, and their general history of treating women poorly throughout their company. Coverage ranges from statements by Mike Lazzo to Justin Roiland to Dan Harmon, we examine attitudes from the big names within their organization and how they responded to some public airing of dirty laundry in late 2016. Then we take a look at what they have been up to since their missteps in late 2016, and how words so seldom turn into action.

Following up and Digging Deeper

We sit down with Joshua Miller and Sarah Shugars from the Civic Games Contest 2017 to talk about the contest, their backgrounds, and just what makes a game “civic”. The contest closes April 15, 2017 and decisions will be made by June 1, 2017. Entries can be submitted to

Live from Somewhere

While at GenCon, Dave Robison interviews Marc Tassin, creator of the Aetaltis RPG and madman behind the GenCon Writer’s Symposium at that event. They talk about writing, creative lifestyles, and all sorts of other nerdery

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About The Author

Tyler Omichinski

Tyler Omichinski is a writer, editor, and game designer from the wilds of Canada. His publication credits include Ultimate Celts Guide, Ultimate Conspiracies Guide, and “Eggshells” in Another Place. He lives with his loving partner and a gigantic, and grumpy, black dog.

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4 Responses

  1. Anthony Bishop

    Well then where to start.
    First off i’m glad to see the podcast back on a schedule and updating again!

    The episode as always is well laid out and the topics that come up are top notch and as always informative.
    The new host was a bit of a shock and could have used a little introduction in itself but Dave is a VERY busy man so this was probably a long time coming.
    Tyler Omichinski is well spoken and gains confidence throughout the episode even if he seems a little shaky/nervous to begin with.

    However this episode does have a handful of issues.
    First off the echo, it sounds like Tyler is being recorded in a church hall with how his voice slightly reverberates, something you could fix with even a small blanket fort -yes it looks and sounds ludicrous but it works for the short term and if you’re on a budget.
    Next is the swallowing/ breaths/ popping. The microphone is probably pretty good since it can pick these up the breathing is not an issue until the handful of awkward cuts when I assume pauses are taken and are edited slightly too close together making it sound unnatural.
    The swallowing/popping can be fixed with a simple pop filter though harder if you’re working from a headset microphone rather than a standing equivalent which will require careful edits.

    I realise that maybe a long list of complaints and I may only be noticing them because I create audio content myself, but I only know because I am also guilty of all of the above.
    It all comes from a place of love and wanting the best out of and for – Onder and everyone involved.
    The episode was excellent besides the small faults (again it may just be me noticing them) and the guests were fantastic! I look forward to hearing more soon.

    • Tyler

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and give feedback! I’m definitely still getting a handle on some of those aspects and the next one should be much better. I’ll be using your blanket fort suggestion for sure – sweaty though it may be.

      • Anthony Bishop

        I look forward to it!
        Again, sorry if it was a little on the nose. It was still a fantastic episode!

  2. Tyler

    Not at all! Previous podcasts I’ve been on have given me the chance to bounce off of other people, but this one has me taking on more of the solo hosting and more back-end. Been some great feedback from you and others and I’m hoping that next time is even better!


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