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Live from Somewhere

And interview with David Steffen exploring changes and evolutions in the short fiction market.

David is the co-founder of the Submission Grinder, and co-edits the non-fiction zine Diabolical Plots. He has also created the Long List Anthology, a self-publishing anthology project collecting stories from the longer Hugo Award nomination list. His fiction has been published in Escape Pod, Daily Science Fiction, Bull Spec, and Pseudopod, as well as Tina Connolly’s Toasted Cake podcast and many more.

Top Tabletop Gaming Picks from Onder Radio

Onder Radio Host Lyric Goins shares her top picks on tabletop gaming conventions. Which ones will she pick? What are her reasons? Is she just like you or completely off her rocker (unless, of course, YOU’RE completely off your rocker, in which case the statement becomes oddly circular)? Tune in to find out!

Editorial: The View from Onder Radio

Lyric waxes rhapsodic on the pros and cons of playing Dungeons and Dragons in-person vs. online (via Skype or What works, what doesn’t, how can toy make the most out of either venue? It’s all right here. AND, if you have any additional insights, inspirations, or suggestions, drop them into the comment thread below!

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Lyric Goins

Lyric is a comic book artist, author, singer, Japanese enthusiast, D&D gamer and Dungeon Master, fantasy lover and daydreamer. Being a Dwarf from the Dwarven Tavern, Lyric learned from a very early age how to conduct interviews, edit videos and blogs, participate in group projects, as well as learning how to be overall creative. Lyric's main goal in life is to let her creative colors fly with adventure and intrigue, and show the world how amazing fantasy art and story can truly be.

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