Do you hear that? It sounds like… Music! Welcome to Issue #5. This issue, we delve into the importance of music and audio in every aspect of our creative world.

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In This Issue:

In this issue…

The EDitorial (Views from the Archmage)

Writers’ Workshop

Music ~ It Isn’t Just for Bards, Anymore by Caroline Baskerville
Seven Ways Composing Music and Writing Stories are Similar by Raeanne G. Roy
Creative Profile of Suzanne Church

Artists’ Studio

Getting Started in Chainmail: Your First Chainmail Project – Part 3 by August Grappin
Mastering the Vocal Virtues by Dave Robison
47 Apollo C by Evan Buchanan

Gamers’ Table

Music and Speculative Fiction by Richard Harris
Gaming DNA: Thus Spake Slartibartfast by Stephen Best
The Valley of the Dirge Stones by Kenny Mahan


HoneyBunny by Lyric Goins

Onder Reviews and Analysis

Get On Board: Love Letter by AJ Hare
How About That Bass? – The Power of Music in Fiction by Geoff Gander
Narratives Through Music in Video Games by Susan Nault



Small World by Gabrielle Harbowy
Before They Appeared by CA Jarrett & JR Jarrett

Meta Fiction

The Heart so Free ~ Talonurr Drinking Song
Linguistic Evidence of Otherworldly Influence on the Development of Humanity, Part V by Dustin Wood


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