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Following Up

A few weeks ago we broke the news about two new species on planet earth being named after deities from the Forgotten Realms game setting. This week we speak to the scientist who named those beasties – Dr. Rodrigo Salvador  – who shared his insights on the intersection of gaming and science.

Live From Somewhere

Jake Kerr is a nebula nominated author who writes short and long form speculative fiction, from scifi to YA novels and epic fantasy. He’s not only a marvelous storyteller, he’s also a staunch and enthusiastic supporter of the speculative fiction community. Recently, Onder Radio learned that Jake is heading up a new anthology of speculative tales titled “Event Horizon 2017” and the inspiration for this anthology was so intriguing, we asked him to speak with us and dish with details.

You can purchase print editions of “Event Horizon” Vol I here and Vol. II here  OR you can get the free ebook here

The View from Onder Radio

In this segment, host Dave Robison shares his thoughts fictional races and cultures that are defined by a single trait or quality. “All elves and dwarves hate each other”, “All dragons hoard gold”, and other monolithic conceits tend to flatten not only game worlds but the stories told in them. Why does this happen and what can storytellers do to add more depth and variety to their worlds?

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About The Author

Dave Robison

Dave Robison is an avid Literary Alchemist who pursues a wide range of creative explorations. A Brainstormer, Keeper of the Buttery Man-Voice, Pattern Seeker, Dream Weaver, and Eternal Optimist, Dave's efforts to boost the awesomeness of the world can be found at The Roundtable Podcast, the Vex Mosaic e-zine, and through his work at Wonderthing Studios. Former Vice-President with The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG), Dave is now the Executive Producer of Onder Media Group (OMG), overseeing the development of multiple media channels that celebrate speculative fiction culture in all its forms and facets.

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