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Following Up… An Interview with Chris A. Jackson

The Ed Greenwood Group released a couple new novels into the world in March, one of them by Chris A. Jackson titled “The Queen’s Scourge”. It’s actually the second book by Jackson published by The Ed Greenwood Group, the first being “Dragon Dreams” a tale set in the urban horror setting of Hellmaw. I managed to track Chris down as he was – I kid you not – sailing the high seas of the Caribbean to chat with him about some of his storytelling predilections.

You can check out Chris’s latest work, “The Queen’s Scourge” on the Onder Emporium at and explore all of Chris’s literary creations at his website


UFO: Unidentified Funny Objects (Deadline: April 30, 2017 || Pay: $0.10/word || Details here)

Chiral Mad 4 (Deadline: May 31, 2017 || Pay: $0.06/word || Details here)

Pickman’s Press: Corporate Cthulhu (Deadline: June 1, 2017 || Pay: $0.03/word || Details here)

Review of Mass Effect: Andromeda

Tyler offers his (non-spoilerific) insights and observations on the latest installment of the Mass Effect video game franchise

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Tyler Omichinski is a writer, editor, and game designer from the wilds of Canada. His publication credits include Ultimate Celts Guide, Ultimate Conspiracies Guide, and “Eggshells” in Another Place. He lives with his loving partner and a gigantic, and grumpy, black dog.

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  1. Geoff Gander

    Another solid episode. My compliments to the host, Tyler, who transitioned adeptly between the divergent topics while maintaining interest and a steady delivery. While I’m not a Mass Effect fan, I appreciated his review. I really enjoyed the interview with Chris Jackson, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting (and co-panelling with) at a writer’s convention. What he said about writing what you know, without being too technical, was spot-on, and this is something I aspire to in my own creative works.

    Keep it coming!


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