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The View From Onder Radio: How the Medium Changes the Story

David Steffen is the editorial force behind the Submission Grinder – reporting on hundreds of Calls for Submissions across genre fiction – and Diabolical Plots, a critical analysis and commentary blog that sets its sights on the both the business and the art of the publishing industry.

In a recent conversation with Mr. Steffen, Onder Radio’s Dave Robison asks how the medium by which a story is delivered can impact the content of the story itself…

The Science of Fantasy

The first of a new segment appearing in Onder Radio, “The Science of Fantasy” is an exploration of the scientific feasibility of some of the mythical beasts that comprise folklore and more specifically inhabit most of the fantasy role-playing games in the world. Leading us on this expedition is paleontologist, biologist, and mythologist, Dr. Rodrigo Salvador.

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2 Responses

  1. Geoff Gander

    Great episode! I especially liked the interview with Dr. Salvador – lots of good food for thought about injecting a bit of scientific realism into gaming, which is something I aspire to in my own campaigns, as well. I do hope you’ll have him back, because I, for one, would love to hear his take on owlbears, gelatinous cubes, and green slimes. 🙂

  2. Martin Treanor

    Great insight into short fiction and the range of mediums/formats available to readers/listeners – and how this can change the story. 😀


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