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  • Chet Faliszek leaves Valve, no plans for the future
  • Teen Titans gets a live-action tv show, Titans, coming in 2018
  • Director James Gunn hints at gay characters in upcoming Black Panther Movie
  • TOR LABS launches with weekly thrillers from August 2nd to November 1st

Live From Somewhere: David Steffen on Self-Publishing and the Creation of Art

David Steffen sits down for another interview with Dave Robison to discuss the topic of self-publication and how one can both do it and how writers could best make use of it. They talk about the creation process and what someone could expect from creating art themselves. For more information on Mr. Steffen, please check out The Submission Grinder, or Diabolical Plots.

Top Picks: Favorite Non-DC/Marvel Heroes (and Anti-Heroes)

Join Onder Radio Host Lyric Goins as she lists out her top 5 favorite non-DC/Marvel superheroes (and anti-heroes) that deserve just as much attention and love as the ones in the top two competitors for comics. In this list she details history and superpowers, as well as conflicts the characters have and the personalities which make them both so likeable and relatable. Do you

agree with her list? Are there any superheroes that YOU think deserve spotlight? Please let us know on the episode post at!

The View From Onder Radio: Comparing Superhero Movies to their Comic Origins

Lyric concludes this episode with a monologue about DC and Marvel movies compared to their original comics. She ponders the pros and cons to converting comic stories to live-action or animation, be it movie or television series, as well as the inevitable shift itself.

Is she on point? Do you disagree with the inevitablility? Feel free to comment on the episode post at!

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