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Lyric Goins brings you a lighthearted review about a dastardly game, the card game Red Flags. A game of terrible dates, Red Flags is an adult themed card game that you and your friends can enjoy by selecting horrible dates for each other. Tune in to hear Lyric’s rating on the card game, and see why she thinks so! Disagree? Agree wholeheartedly? Don’t know yet? Take a listen, and give us your thoughts on the comment thread on this episode!

Live From Somewhere: Interview with Theresa Scales on The Art of Cosplay

Onder Radio Host Lyric Goins interviews Theresa Scales, a cosplayer and cosplay designer, about the difficulties and challenges of her job creating cosplays, what the community is like, and what ‘cosplay’ is, from a professional’s opinion. For more information on Mrs. Scales, please check out her facebook page.

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