About Onder Librum

This is THE BEST TIME in all of history to be a Geek.

We get that… and we get that we’re all looking for new ways to explore and engage with this incredible creative culture that inspires us.

That’s why we’re here.

More than a Celebration

Yeah, we celebrate speculative culture and media, but it’s more than that… just like you are MORE than just the stuff you read/watch/enjoy.

When you’re passionate about something, it’s just a matter of time before you want to do more than just watch. You want to participate. That’s how we add to the world and honor the culture that inspires us.

We make something… and then we share it.

We get that, too.

We want to help

We want to share every nuance and facet of the storyteller’s craft with you, whether you prefer your stories with words, pictures, sound, dice, or some combination thereof.

We want to showcase the creators who are blowing our minds with their creations and understand how they do what they do.

And we want to give you the opportunity to add your voice to the conversation and add your creations to the cultural cyclotron of awesomeness.

That’s a tall order… but we have a plan.

The Plan

It starts here, at Onder Librum. This is the portal, the gateway to all the things you’re looking for. From here, you can pick from a multitude of paths to explore…

  • Onder Magazine: A bi-monthly journal for today’s storyteller, with fiction, commentary, and exploration of all the many forms of the storyteller’s craft.
  • Onder Radio: A growing program of podcasts and audio presentations of a speculative nature to delight, inform, and educate
  • Onder Academy: An on-line conference of panels, workshops, and symposiums offering you the chance to enjoy real-time instruction and interaction with creators of every discipline from around the world.
  • Onder Television: A video archive updated year ‘round with interviews, conversations and news from the world of speculative media
  • Onder Gallery (coming soon): a showcase of artistic expression from paint to pixel and everything in between, beautifully presented and (if you‘re so inclined) available for purchase
  • Onder Emporium: An on-line curiosity shoppe with a cornucopia of treasures and delights to be added to your personal library, reliquary, or dragon hoard.

And there’s more, but here’s the thing…

You Don’t Have to Just Watch

I mean, you CAN, of course… but if you have something to share, we want to hear it.

  • If you’re an expert on Anime, then give a course on it through Onder Academy
  • If you love to tell stories out loud, then tell one on a podcast.
  • You have a portfolio and nowhere to show it? We can help.
  • You have some strong opinions the latest [insert awesome media thing here]? Write a blog post or submit an article to the magazine.

Add to the world. Contribute to the conversation. Express your love of those things that inspire you by making your own stuff and sharing it with anyone who cares to listen

That’s how you throw a party. That’s how you celebrate.

We get that.