Onder Radio: Episode 009

Onder Radio Episode 8. This week's host, Lyric Goins, brings news and insights from across the speculative media spectrum, including news on Daredevil Season 3, Young Justice, and Studio Ghibli, PLUS interviews with the creator of "LEGO Quest Builder" and the graphic designer for Lynnvader's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" board game. And MORE! I know, right? How can we fit so much fabulousity into a half hour?!

Onder Radio: Episode 005

It's Onder Radio (episode 005) with this week's host, Lyric Goins! In this edition, we showcase some of the cool new games and apps hitting the market, interview David Steffen of Submission Grinder and Diabolical Plots fame, and over our opinions on RPGs played at the table versus on the keyboard. Breaking news, insights and developments in the world of speculative storytelling.