Onder Radio: Episode 13

Onder Radio Episode 13 (with this week's host Lyric Goins) includes announcements of new Game of Thrones spin-offs, the Witcher Netflix series, and more. This episode also features a review of the popular card game Red Flags, and an exclusive interview with cosplay designer Theresa Scales

Onder Radio: Episode 012

Onder Radio Episode 12, with this week's host Lyric Goins, is a comic celebration extravaganza, including Lyric's top picks of non-DC/Marvel heroes, commentary on the translation of comics to film, as well as news from TOR.com, Valve Games, the Black Panther Movie, an interview with David Steffen (Submission Grinder), and MORE!

Onder Radio: Episode 011

This week on Onder Radio, host Dave Robison brings you the latest news, insights and developments in the world of speculative storytelling, including updates on Anita Sarkeesian's latest project, how Grand Theft Auto V is helping develop AIs, the definitive list of African Speculative Fiction, An interview with David Steffen, The Science of Fantasy, and more!

Onder Radio: Episode 010

Onder Episode 10 (with this week's host, Richard Harris) is jam packed with news, insights, and developments from the world of speculative media, including news from Green Ronin Publishing, interviews with Monte Cooke and Shanna Germaine of Monte Cook Games, commentary on the current popularity of role playing games, and much more.

Onder Radio: Episode 009

Onder Radio Episode 8. This week's host, Lyric Goins, brings news and insights from across the speculative media spectrum, including news on Daredevil Season 3, Young Justice, and Studio Ghibli, PLUS interviews with the creator of "LEGO Quest Builder" and the graphic designer for Lynnvader's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" board game. And MORE! I know, right? How can we fit so much fabulousity into a half hour?!

Onder Radio: Episode 008

Onder Radio Episode 8 is live with this week's host, Tyler Omichinski, bringing you news of Star Wars 8, the Hyperloop. and more, including a review of Mass Effect Andromeda and an interview with award-winning author, Chris A. Jackson. Insights, news, and developments in the world of Speculative Media!

Onder Radio: Episode 007

Onder Radio Episode 7 featuring updates on Warner Brothers DC Extended Universe, The Golden Geek Awards, a new Game of Thrones board game, and more, plus interviews with author Jake Kerr and Dr. Rodrigo Salvador and an op-ed on the perils of monolithic storytelling

Onder Radio: Episode 006

It's Onder Radio (episode 006) with this week's host, Richard Harris! This week, new developments in film, games conventions, and RPGs, as well as an interview with Benjamin Loomes of Syrinscape. Breaking news, insights, and developments in the world of speculative storytelling!

Onder Radio: Episode 005

It's Onder Radio (episode 005) with this week's host, Lyric Goins! In this edition, we showcase some of the cool new games and apps hitting the market, interview David Steffen of Submission Grinder and Diabolical Plots fame, and over our opinions on RPGs played at the table versus on the keyboard. Breaking news, insights and developments in the world of speculative storytelling.

Onder Radio: Episode 004

Onder Radio Episode 004 features news from the world of speculative storytelling, an editorial on Adult Swim's questionable stand on women's equality in the workplace, and interviews with game designer Marc Tassin as well as Joshua Miller and Sarah Shugars from the Civic Games Contest 2017!

Onder Radio: Episode 002

The latest news from Onder Librum, we speak with Lore Guardian Marie Bilodeau about the "Pony Island Adventures" story setting, and with Erik Scott de Bie, author of the third Hellmaw novel, "Blind Justice".

ONDER Radio: Episode 001

In addition to the latest news from Onder Librum, we speak with Ed greenwood about his "Hellmaw" story setting, and with J. Robert King, author of the upcoming Hellmaw novel, "Incubus Tweets". Plus audience questions, and a contest.