Onder Academy: Workshops, Seminars, Panels, and more…

Why wait for a convention to get ideas, insights, and inspiration for your creative pursuits? Onder Academy brings them to you!

Onder Academy offers a digital meeting place for creatives to gather and support their community by…

  • Sharing ideas and perspectives
  • Offering professional guidance and instruction
  • Foster the exploration of new ways to celebrate the speculative arts

How Do I Attend an Onder Academy Event?

As new seminars and workshops are scheduled, they’ll be announced here on the Onder Librum site. Sign up for the Onder Newsletter to be sure you don’t miss out on any of Onder Academy’s offerings (and possibly score some special discounts)!

All workshops and seminars will be listed in the Onder Emporium. You can sign up for them there and you’ll be contacted by the seminar presenter with instructions on when and how to connect to the event.

I’d Like to Present an Onder Academy Event

We’d love to include your event in the Onder Academy listing! Simply fill out the

First, visit the Onder Academy website and check out the FAQs. Then, fill out the Workshop Proposal Form! We’ll contact you within 72 hours to discuss curriculum, pricing, attendance, and other details of your event.

We look forward to bringing the speculative media community together!